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SEYMOUR INSTITUTE Inc. is an Academic Think Tank.

Our contribution


We give grants to Japanese students who have passion to data science, analytics, AI, blockchain technologies to attend school programs and events at Swiss universities. We support passionate students to find internships and employment in Switzerland from Japan.

SEYMOUR supported University of Zurich International Summer School Program 2020 as coporate sponsor.

What we offer


We help you start developing your own innovation ecosystem, leveraging the strength of Switzerland, the world's leading innovation nation (for 9 consecutive years) in fintech, data science, AI and blockchain.

We have developed defined management skills and reputation which are at the heart of our capability and enable us to provide academic workshops over 300 students Japan and Switzerland.

Photos: Meeting with the Crypto Valley Association, Zug Government and Swiss Government Agency for Foreign Business Promotion (affiliated with the Swiss Embassy in Japan). Blockchain education hackathon at a Japanese university. Workshop on Technology and Hospitality Innovation at Le Roche University, Switzerland.

We carry out continuous development of prototypes based on market strategy information in Europe, Switzerland and Crypto Valley.

Our Involvement

Academia-Industry-Government Collaboration

The university laboratory is a place to share research and knowledge on social implementation of advanced technology. We build sustainable partnerships across academic, social and industry boundaries.

With Combining technology and entrepreneurial education through academic approach, we commit to collaborative exploration and experimentation to pursue opportunities and potentials.

The founder of SEMOUR has signed a MOU for research and education collaboration with a research group at a Swiss university as the work of a non-profit foundation.

We provide academic workshops regarding advanced technology for educational institutions.

Activities of Academic Think Tank

We carry out activities to investigate and analyze the social, economic, and political impacts of innovative technologies such as data science, artificial intelligence, digital currency, and blockchain, using an academic approach.


For Coporates and Institutions

We promote internships and workshops to introduce clients' products and technologies at Swiss universities.

  • Workshop
  • Internship
  • Market Intelligence


For Coporates and Study Groups

We conduct product development and research with Swiss university and Japanese companies and laboratories.

  • Innovation
  • Research
  • Experiment


For Uniersities and Study Groups

We provide free workshops of cutting-edge technology to universities and educational institutions in Japan.

  • Workshop
  • With Experts
  • Education

SEYMOUR INSTITUTE Inc. - Academic Think Tank

Entrepreneur Mindset

We stay in close touch with academia / institutes, and young engineers and entrepreneurs working on innovative technology, to foster creativity in product development.

Market Intelligence

Our organizational structure rests on the foundation of marketing strategy and analytics. The origins and development of new ideas are a fusion of passion and intelligence research.

Sustainable Value Creation

We run a good customer cycle and prototype development cycle to create our market strategy. Most importantly it creates a good cash cycle and investment value for products the world has not seen.

Our Team

Makoto Ota - Founder / Director

Currently at Non-profit foundation of distributed ledger technology (DTL) or Blockchain platform. Makoto has provided free technology workshops to over 300 students at universities. Experiences as Oracle Japan consultant, cloud application and Al / blockchain companies. Graduate of Les Roche School (Switzerland) and currently at SBS Swiss Business School (June 2020).

Mateo Meier - Partner

Artmotion Ltd., founded in 2000 by Mateo Meier, is a privately owned data hosting provider and cyber security company based in Switzerland. Their customer base is mostly made up of medium to large multinational corporations, including leading Fortune 500 companies, spread across 30 countries.

Innovation and Creativity

Our researchers and external advisors are also important resources to any organization. In cyber security, leaked data is still safe if it has been encrypted so that it cannot be understood by humans. Market strategy information needs to transform data into strategies that can be understood by humans. To that end, creativity and innovation are our organizational resources.

Siwss University Study Groups

Academia - Industry Partnership
Blockchain Innovation

A student run non-profit organisation that aims to bring together UZH students interested in Blockchain technology in order to explore, discuss and collaborate on blockchain topics and projects

Academia - Industry Partnership
AI・Data Science・Analytics

Analytics Club at ETH is the largest student analytics community in Switzerland. The community foster the exchange of analytics-related knowledge among students and organize talks with leading experts from academia and industry. The student members are ETH BSc, MSc, PhD students with diverse backgrounds, including Data Science, MTEC, Physics, Statistics and Computer Science

University of Zurich Blockchain Center
Collaboration as sponsor of Summer School 2020

UZH Blockchain Center started its activities in 2017, and was formally established as a Competence Center in 2019. Since then, it has organised a wide range of academic, educational, and industry-related activities. It thus became the largest and most active academic cluster in Switzerland, a World-wide blockchain hub.

Swiss Technology Partners

ETH Zurich Spin-off
Industries inspection by autonomous robot

ANYbotics is a startup spin-off from ETH Zurich that develops mobile robots for industry. Leveraging the robot's safety, reliability, accuracy and durability to extend industrial operations and cloud-based solutions, the 4 legged robot autonomously provides frequent data by monitoring equipment and the environment, and acts on demand to take additional measurements.

Hardware Security Module
Cryptographic Key Generation and Management

Securosys SA is a security technology company based in Zurich, Switzerland. It provides hardware security modules for the Swiss interbank payment system operated by the stock exchange SIX. Its core products are hardware security modules used to protect the Swiss banking system SIC, blockchain and cryptographic asset solutions and public key infrastructure systems.

Asset tokenization and security token
Partnership with Swiss Fintech

A fintech company founded in Geneva, Switzerland, as a licensed financial intermediary since 2018, we have a top-notch track record in regime-compliant KYC/AML compliance and diligence. It executes clients' asset tokenization projects with a set of technical, financial and compliance services in conjunction with regulatory-compliant digital securities and asset digitization implementation.

Data Hosting / Cybersecurity
Network Security Partner

A Swiss-based data hosting and cyber security company. The privacy is protected by the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Swiss Federal Data Protection Ordinance (DPO) with fortified data centers boasting AES 256-bit XTS data encryption. artmotion provides encryption solutions to companies in 30 countries around the world, including Fortune 500 companies.

Government Organization/Community

Support received from

"Switzerland is the best location for innovation. It offers stable political, economic and financial framework conditions combined with the highest standard of life. We work on behalf of the Swiss Confederation and Cantons to promote investment and entrepreneurship in Switzerland and to help clients tap into new potential for their international business." *Swiss Business Hub Japan is Swiss Government agnecy stationed in Empassy.

Member of

"Be part of one of the world leading blockchain ecosystems. We welcome individuals, small and large companies from all over the world who are interested in the long term global economic and transformational benefits coming from blockchain and cryptographic technology innovation. Our mission is to foster growth, collaboration and integrity across the global blockchain economy."

SEYMOUR website is protected by encryption and data privacy with server hosting in Switzerland



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