Activities for the education of university study groups and students are basically free of charge.

Swiss Companies interested in Japan Market

Three-Month Market Entry Testing Package

CHF 3,000.- Initial Fee

*At an initial meeting, we will discuss the fees expected for the case and agree on a fee structure.
*In general, the inital fee will be billed in advance.

Including all of

- Create one page of your company in Japanese on SEYMOUR's website
- Publish an announcement of your product or service on professional press release service
- Provide Market intelligent information / consultation of Japan market (5hours per month)
- Translate a blog or news about your company, which are considered that it is good for Japan market
- Find a Japanese potential partner company in your business field
- Find a talented potential representative in Japan
- Find an optimal location for your office in Japan

With charge upon request

- Cordinate with a legal firm to discuss local regulation for your product or service
- Translate technical documents or a software application
- Be reprentative to negotiate with your prefer organization or company


Corporate strategy, research and analysis activities.

A network of partnerships with Swiss university research groups, think tank and tech companies.