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As a neutral country with a reputation for political and economic stability, Switzerland is home to a wide range of UN and international, non-governmental, and other non-governmental organizations. There are many academia - Industry collaboration with those organizaions. In addition, as global financial center and European business hub for many international companies.

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Mertket Intelligence

Market intelligence, or market strategic information, is an information product created from the collation, analysis, evaluation and exegesis of collected information. It is a strategic information product that provides the information needed to facilitate commercial activities, one of the objectives being to reduce the uncertainty inherent in observing the external environment and market.

Conduct Collaborate Reserach on Technology Market with Swiss Think Tank. Customised Market Torends to Japan Clients as Infromation Products.

Based on a systematic 360-degree analysis of key sectors, it provides an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of important new technologies, innovations and business models from an international perspective. This process enables us to identify medium and long-term trends and systematically examine the future.

Business organizations and decision makers can identify and structure relevant trends within and outside of their field of activity at an early stage and develop independent, long-term perspectives and strategies based on them. This provides an opportunity for companies to outsource these processes and benefit from cost advantages, best practices and a neutral, external perspective.

Our Intelligence


PhD holders and graduate in statistics or an experienced researcher in data analysis and business analysis, based in Switzerland. Mostly with a sense of humor.

Assistant Researchers

Students from Swiss/Japanese universities (bachelor, master, doctoral level), mainly studying engineering and computer science, validate implementable technologies and assist the researcher.

Think Tank Research on Digital Currency

SEYMOUR INSTITUTE, a Swiss-based researcher and information-gatherer on digital currencies as part of its think tank project, has been conducting research and publishing a simplified version of a research report.

Central banks are speaking out publicly about digital currencies (CBDCs) because of concerns that digital currencies being issued by private companies and others with digital infrastructures could undermine the power of central banks and confidence in their monetary policies. Leaving the payment infrastructure for digital currencies entirely to the private sector could lead to the exclusion of certain groups and undermine confidence in the monetary system if the assets in private commercial bank accounts lose their ability to be converted into government-backed "cash".

For this reason, countries are beginning to investigate the possibility of a government-backed digital currency that would serve a similar role to cash today. While the private sector is profit-driven, central banks are looking at offering digital currencies as a public good. Digital currency as a public good is non-competitive in that it does not incur costs based on the number of users (consumers) and non-excludable in that certain users (consumers) cannot be excluded. In addition, as a public good, digital currency is expected to eliminate as many payment fees as possible for retailers and others, but there is a risk of social and economic loss by disabling competition in digital payments provided by the private sector and eliminating the opportunity to create new services.

The reason why the Swedish and Chinese governments are experimenting with and introducing digital currencies for the short to medium term is aimed at a short to medium term strategy, while other developed countries are negative about issuing digital currencies is that they do not see any benefits other than liquidity in the long term and expect the risks to increase for financial stability.

The full report was prepared by SEYMOUR INSTITUTE's researchers based in Switzerland.


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